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The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts,

but is also the return of art to life.

Oscar Wilde

                    Our Mission
Loxen Entertainment, Inc. is a not-for-profit company dedicated to providing artistic opportunities to the remarkable talent living and working in South Florida, fostering their growth, as well as the growth of the entire arts community in our area. We strive to bring high production values to our audiences, while promoting diversity and inclusion. 
Our intent is to bring world-class events in a variety of genres to our community thus elevating the cultural status of the community. Residents benefit from the social opportunities that these performances provide, while local merchants benefit from the business generated by our events. 
Our Board of Directors

Benjamin León IV

Founder & President

Benjamin León III

Vice President

Alex Duque

Secretary / Treasurer

Gonzalo Rodríguez

Artistic Director / General Manager

Jim Kierstead

Executive Director / Director of Development

Daniel Hernández


Magyani Medina

Production Supervisor

Adriana Hernández

Administrative Assistant


Pedro Balmaseda & Jorge Noa

Nobarte Inc.

Scenic Design

Ernesto Pinto (ELP)

Lighting Design

Alyx Jacobs (Alyx Jacobs Design LLC)

Lighting Design

4Sound, Inc.

Audio Design

Beth Fath

Costume Design

Lucio Luciano

Hair & Makeup Design

Our Staff
Our Creative Team
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